Why we Can Help

Professional Coaching

Simply Put... Our Coaches are well trained, and nationally recognized with impressive Certifications! We are constantly learning the most modern techniques and practices to help you move well, eat right, and stay happy and energetic throughout your whole day!

We Are Real People!

Our Coaches/Staff strive to find ways to connect with our members! We aren't stubborn, unapproachable fitness models! We have taken an oath to motivate, have compassion, and love for all who walk in our doors!

Best Hour of Your Day!

A huge sign of our success, is when our members elect to hang out longer at the gym, even when their classes are finished! They feel as if Hermes is their home, and its the best hour of their day!

Focused on Diminishing Chronic Disease!

Over 2 million people will die this year from Chronic Disease. (i.e. Heart Failure, Diabetes etc...) Our methods are used to help fight chronic disease by strengthening the body and mind, through fitness and Nutrition! And we do it so simply that your kids or grandkids could follow!

We are not a Corporation!

You get to see, talk, and learn from owners and operators of your Gym, every single day! We love to workout in your classes, attend your weddings, and celebrate your birthdays! We aren't faceless names with big wig titles! We are with you!!!

Don't Just take our word for it!!

We will give you a Free consult, and a 3 day trial, to show you what we are about and if you would fit into our community!!